You need to know the fabric to understand what kind of veil would look best together with your dress

When going wedding dresses shopping you need to make sure you have the necessary information to create the right decision about probably the most important aspects of the special day. In order to create this experience as stress-free as you possibly can, we now have put together a couple of questions that you should look at asking:

What fabric has been used on the gown you like?

You need to know the fabric to understand what kind of veil would look best together with your dress.

Is the gown special order or a sample?

If the gown is special order you should look at that it will probably arrive in 6-9 months after ordering. A sample dress is usually bought from the rack, and that means you get to go home on the same day.

What color is the gown? (Ivory, champagne, soft white…)

Wedding dresses are available in different tones of white. Many people often view it as white or cream color but there are different tones of white. This information is important if you're planning on having your dress lined or obtaining a veil of a similar color. Here at Posh, we feature dresses that range in colors like Off White, Cashmere, Champagne, and Ivory. Also, we now have many dresses which have two or three of those colors in various layers.

How long will it take for the gown to get here?

If your dress is really a special order you should ask these questions to your stylist. Here at Posh our dresses typically take 6-9 months to reach the shop. Keep in mind that due to COVID-19 dresses take a bit longer to reach.

What customizations can I make to some gowns?

During your appointment around, we will show you through all this. This is really a good question to inquire about because oftentimes an outfit can be changed to create it more the way you like. For example, at Posh, we quite often get brides that are looking to change the color of their dresses. This is something that could be done in any special-order dress. Also, with one of our designers, they offer complete customization – ie, color change, bodice change, add sleeves, add straps, change silhouette, etc. If you desired a neckline in one gown and also the skirt from another we are able to order so that it is that way. Make sure to inquire about these questions since the possibilities are endless.

Are alterations completed in the store?

Currently, we don’t possess a seamstress available. We do possess a few that people always recommend to our guests because they have worked on our gowns for a long time. We use Amazing Alterations in Anoka and Imagine Stitch in Medina.

Do you ship dresses?

We are shipping dresses. Due to COVID-19, we realize that traveling could be hard during this period. With this said, you should understand that when brides get their dress at our store they reach try it on around and we are able to help talk through alterations in addition to coordinating those appts.

What are the return policies?

All of the purchases at Posh are final sales – no cancellations/exchanges/modifications. When you place a unique order at Posh, the gown is created specifically for you. If the wedding gets canceled or postponed we always recommend selling it online & can provide you with options to do this.

I hope these questions make the perfect starting guide that may help you through your bohemian wedding dress appointments. This is really a very special amount of time in your life and we want so that it is as stress-free as you possibly can. Book your appt by clicking the hyperlink on our homepage!


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