When so many women start searching for their wedding gown

Wondering what it’s preferred to visit our boutique? Here are 7 ways The White Dress isn't your typical bridal store.

When so many women start searching for their wedding dresses, they naturally spend probably the most time centered on the dress itself: what silhouette they need, what style goes with their wedding theme, which gowns squeeze into their budget, and which designers come with an aesthetic or perhaps an ethos that resonates using their own preferences.

However, in which you shop for your wedding gown is just like important considered. It will affect which designers you'll be able to put on, how broad your choice of gowns is, and (most significantly) how comfortable you are feeling in the shop.

Most brides have a much their big bridal moment once they try on their dream dress. But we all know that the environment we create within our store may be the number one element in helping brides have that moment. We’ve spent considerable time thinking about the experience brides have within our store, and also have identified six factors that people believe set us apart. If you’re searching for a bridal boutique, these are some of the factors you should think of!

1. We promise a no-pressure environment.

Nothing stifles a bride’s capability to have a comfortable experience within the store greater than a pushy consultant attempting to make a commission. Even bridal boutiques that are trying to do right by their brides can unintentionally undermine their efforts by incentivizing their staff to pay attention to sales.

That’s why we don’t work on commission. We want our TWD sites so that you can devote your full focus to what’s perfect for the bride. That means we’ll always respect your financial allowance and we’ll never pressure you to definitely make a decision before you’re ready.

We’ve seen again and again how this method changes a bride’s experience within our store. When a bride recognizes that our TWD sites aren’t attempting to upsell her on her behalf gown, it puts her more comfortable looking at dresses by having an open mind—which’s the very best space to stay in if you’re looking to capture that “wow” moment whenever you find THE dress.

2. We operate a new promotion nearly every month (and they’re super fun!).

If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ve probably noticed that people love a great promotion. For us, it’s not only a sales way to encourage brides in the future through the door—it’s additionally a way we keep things fresh and fun around our boutique.

Case in point? For the past 8 weeks we’ve been running an “April Showers Bring May Flowers” promo, where whenever a bride says yes to her dress, we ask her to choose either from the glass of little cocktail umbrellas or from the bouquet of roses. Each umbrella or rose has a discount on the gown, which range from $50 to $150.

Our brides appreciate the discount, but it’s also fun for the team and results in an overall more positive experience within our store. We’ve had a variety of promotions through the years, with prizes that range from free jewelry to some sample sale giveaways.

3. We’re not really a chain.

Not to mention names, but it’s tough to have the personal, intimate experience you’re searching for when wedding gown shopping in a chain wedding gown store. While these shops have brand recognition, they’re also operating at scale across a broader geographical region, meaning they don’t possess the same feel for the neighborhood market that people do.

We spend considerable time talking to our brides and paying focus on what’s on trend for the area. Michigan is really a state noted for its natural splendor, having an abundance of orchards, vineyards, and lakes making outdoor venues especially popular.

Many brides also plan fall weddings, looking to take advantage of the changing leaves. And while beach weddings are extremely a destination within our state, marriage with the Great Lakes as the backdrop isn’t just like standing on the seaside in California.

As for the lovely Detroit brides, we all know that one of the popular trends would be to match the classic Art Deco theme of downtown venues by having a gown that has a more vintage bohemian look.

We know this stuff and spend considerable time tailoring our selection to satisfy local needs in a manner that larger stores to attract tastes around the country can’t.

Wedding dresses from the woman-owned store

4. We’re woman-owned!

Hey, ladies! Did you know that people are woman-owned businesses? It’s true. Being woman-owned means the decisions being made within our store all originate from someone who has experienced your shoes before and understands first-hand what must be done to make a bridal shop feel at ease and relaxed for visitors.

In fact, it’s because we now have had this experience that people place this type of high value on such things as a pressure-free environment as well as on keeping our collection current. It’s not only good business—it’s the way we would want to possess the experience ourselves.

Building relationships in the wedding gown industry

5. We’re proactive about building relationships within our industry.

If you read our recent post about our trip to Chicago for that semi-annual Bridal Market, you are aware of how dedicated we're to going the extra mile (or perhaps in this case, two hundred and sixty miles) to remain at the top of our industry. Bridal Market is where we have seen the latest collections of dresses, but it’s also where we meet designers making the connections we have to host trunk shows and designer spotlights throughout every season.

In particular, we feel that trunk shows are the very best way our brides can truly experience a designer’s collection—and possibly even score a totally unique gown. But using a close relationship with these designers is valuable in different ways as well, particularly when it comes to bespoke alterations or ordering inside a sample dress through our loaner program that people don’t usually carry within our store.

Wedding dresses inside a local store

6. We carry a broad choice of plus-sized sample gowns within our store.

Gowns could be ordered in any size, but it’s tough to get a concept for what that gown will in reality look like in your body when the sample sizes available aren’t even near to your shape. Well, we wouldn’t be seriously interested in our want to make each and every bride within our boutique feel at ease if we weren’t also focused on offering a generous choice of plus-sized sample gowns to test.

We also firmly think that every woman is different, and there are no rules about the dress you are able to or can’t put on. Our plus-sized collection has a full range of silhouettes and designs, so whether you'll need a princess ballgown or perhaps a slinky lace boho dress, you'll have options within our store.

Plus-size beautiful wedding gowns

7. Our TWD sites are absolute rock stars.

Last but not least, we truly wouldn’t be who we're without our fabulous team of TWD. So many customers have commented how working with these TWD made them feel instantly comfortable. That feedback is one thing we decide to try heart, also it inspires us to always do good to put our brides first.

The women within our store are truly indispensable for creating the type of environment we want for the guests. They know our assortment of dresses tailgate to cab, possess a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the latest bridal trends, and therefore are ready to offer style advice to the bride who can’t decide between a veil or tiara.

So for those who have any doubts, anxieties, hesitations, or questions, seriously in and speak with our team! By the time you depart, you’ll feel peaceful in your heart and confident in your choices.

Schedule a trip to experience our store on your own!

At The White Dress, we’re devoted to two things: providing a first-class choice of wedding dresses online for brides within Michigan, and ensuring each bride feels comfortable and confident during her time within our boutique. Book your appointment around, and let's make your wedding gown experience just as special and magical as you always imagined.


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