We have been told leading up to the wedding day goes by super fast and feels as though a whirlwind

 Bailey and Kevin's wedding at Meadow Hill Farm was inspired by the paintings of Marc Chagall! Filled with beautiful, colorful floral designs, rustic decor to enhance the barn setting, and thoughtful details, their Nashville wedding dresses only agreed to be stunning! Plus, all of the place settings were bespoke dishes handmade by women from HEAL Ministries in Jinja, Uganda. The couple even invested some time out of their reception to hand wash each guest's plate so that they could take them home as favors! Christa Hitchcock Photography captured their incredible day.

On May 11, 2016, Kevin picked me up from the closing shift at Five Daughter's Bakery in Nashville, Tennessee, and required to the Parthenon. We had planned to experience frisbee with my cousin Erica. As we waited within the field for Erica to reach, Kevin inquired about closing my eyes and started to pull something from his bag. I opened my eyes and was completely shocked to locate Kevin holding a ring… not chocolate as I suspected. He said much sweet stuff that I was too emotional to consider and Erica arrived a few minutes later being an insider around the event.

Kevin and I prayed on the day I was engaged our wedding guests would experience joy (a great dance floor at this), peace, and find out the love that God has on their behalf as witnesses to the covenant. This was particularly important to us as Nashville was our middle ground; we'd families traveling from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and San Antonio, Texas which would be the very first time many of them had the opportunity to spend time together.

When I was dating, Kevin required up to a church on the hill that overlooks Nashville and I felt transported to paintings by of my favorite artists, Marc Chagall. Whimsical, colorful, communal, and symbolic – like his paintings, they were elements that I envisioned for all of us and our family members on our big day. I looked for affordable venues that may achieve this and located Meadow Hill Farm. Jenny and her husband Jake have built a location of organic beauty from the ground up. Wildflowers adorn every path and hand-built pews result in a branch arbor at the ceremony site. Our first steps on-site made us really miss family – we knew this was a location that had lots of beauty and joy to provide.

We did not have anything too specific in your mind for attire, but Ila at LVD Bridal solved the problem find a gown by Johanna Johnson that helped me feel elegant, beautiful, and mobile on my first visit. I wanted my bridesmaids to locate affordable dresses they felt good in, and J. Crew just happened to possess a sale as I was planning! Chagall uses lots of deep, rich blues, therefore we incorporated this using the bridesmaids', mothers', and grandmothers' dresses. The men had full freedom over their decisions.

We have been told leading up to the boho wedding dress day goes by super fast and feels as though a whirlwind. It certainly was a whirlwind, but I was very conscious starting it that people wanted to be conscious of every moment. Because of this, you will find hundreds of favorite memories of the day including Being overwhelmed at the first sight of how many family members traveled from to date; special moments with parents, siblings, and grandparents; being overcome by joy at the altar as I was *finally* becoming couple; communion as a couple alone after our ceremony; panicking on the lost wedding ring (it had slipped from my finger once we sat down in the sweetheart table without me noticing… we found it!); seeing strangers take a seat on benches together, talking all night; the way in which many of our family and friends danced – being circled by them on our last dance.

Mary Love Richardson of Rosemary and Finch floral design performed our vision perfectly! She transformed the ceremony arbor and designed colorful bouquets that added so much to the whimsical atmosphere. I was in wonder!

Kevin and I wanted to locate a way to support our favorite ministries, in addition, to serving us and our friends on our big day. HEAL Ministries in Jinja, Uganda serves abandoned ladies and children by teaching them about Christ, sustainability, and family preservation. Some of the women here have started a pottery business and we asked when they would be prepared to make dinner plates as party favors. We couldn't believe I was told that yes! After our wedding dinner, Kevin and I washed the bathroom so families could take them home as favors. This was among our favorite moments of the day once we got to decelerate and spend some time with people we loved. When we appreciate every day it, it is a reminder of the items we want our marriage to become for the communities around us.


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