Visible Panty Line or VPL may be one of the most frustrating fashion fiascos for each woman

Visible Panty Line or VPL may be one of the most frustrating fashion fiascos for each woman. They are the outlines from the undergarments that appear using your clothes. Panty lines typically appear when poor-fitting or thick-edged undies are teamed with tight-fitting or light-weight clothes.

Regardless of how jaw-dropping your prom dresses is, any appearance of underwear lines can wind up snatching the interest away from your overall outfit. Most of us have had the experience – wearing a stunning outfit and stepping out with confidence, simply to realize the unflattering lines have been visible the entire time. While the use of going commando is definitely on the table, most us aren’t particularly confident with the idea – particularly if you’re oscillating towards bolder or shorter dress options.

Thankfully, there are many clever methods to eliminate panty lines. A little bit of exploring and “testing out” is it takes to locate that perfect solution. From the all-powerful seamless panties towards the ultra-convenient boyshorts – continue reading to discover your own “VPL concealing hack.”


A slinky or silky dress might look absolutely stunning you. But if you don't pair it using the perfect underwear, it can wind up hurting your whole look.

Since these dresses are carved from fabric and may either be too clingy or too smooth – they create it quite difficult to fully conceal panty lines. If you don’t want any panty line anxieties, opting for thicker fabrics would be probably the most convenient way to completely eliminate their presence to begin with.

Remember, not every fabrics are the same. There is definitely the possibility of a cloth being thick yet stretchy. To avoid any unexpected inconveniences, choose the ones that are thicker and fewer clingy.


Prints is one of probably the most convenient methods to disguise underwear lines. If you’re seeking to wear an outfit with regular panties, you can just go having a patterned dress.

While prints do a sufficient job at disguising the panty lines, they don’t play any role in eliminating them altogether. When opting for this option, be sure you check for any visible signs and symptoms of lines within the mirror before you decide to step out from the house.


If you’re much less comfortable using the fairly newer options like thongs, you can just go old-school and set on a slip instead. They are recognized to work constantly. Simply test them out out together with your dress beforehand to become fully sure.

A most of slips are constructed from lycra – the special moment fabric that holds the body in shape and keeps the material in place. Slips can occasionally trigger that annoying static electricity you may be all too acquainted with. To avoid this situation, be sure you run your dress as well as your slip via a wire hanger a lot of times before wearing them.


If you would like something sturdier than the usual slip, upgrade to shapewear. Shapewear could be a great method to smoothen out any visible outlines beneath your dress. But it is probably not your best friend for everyday use. The only inconvenience shapewear includes is they’re sometimes way too tight to deal with. If they makes you uncomfortable, you are able to choose to…


Seamless panties are usually the easiest, easiest way to erase panty lines. Major lingerie brands around the globe offer seamless underwear in endless style and material options.

The best ones include laser-cut edges. These edges are usually so thin, they leave practically no VPL. When choosing seamless panties, however, cotton is probably not your best bet. Although cotton is definitely an all-time favorite panty material offering maximum breathability, it is almost always too thick to become fully seamless. Spandex and elastic underwear, however, make for probably the most fail-proof seamless panty option.


Choosing the best thong can literally be synonymous with “no panty lines”. Although they might not be probably the most comfortable panty option, they are doing a brilliant job at concealing pesky underwear lines. Remember, the tighter the thongs, the greater uncomfortable they're. So, be sure you get those with impeccable fit.

Not keen on thongs? Boyshorts are another comfortable alternative. They offer full coverage and don’t cause any indentations over the butt. This makes them look more seamless than most bikini-style panties. The ones having a crisp lace hem is definitely an added advantage for making the lines look less noticeable.

While boyshorts provide a fair quantity of seamlessness, they still come using the possibility of VPL in comparison with thongs. If you decide to opt for this option, be sure you test them out using the dress you’ve picked. Go for a boyshort crafted from comfy fabric. While it’s vital that you make sure they can fit just right, they have to not wind up cutting to your skin.


So, that's it – the best methods to hide underwear lines. With so many possibilities on the internet, it may sometimes get overwhelming to make the very best pick.

Each dress might have to have a different method of eliminating the VPL. While the one produced from thicker fabric could make your life much easier, the tight-fitting, slinky ones might demand more effort than usual. Fortunately, a little shopping around and experimentation are all it requires to eliminate panty lines altogether. Regardless from the dress and also the underwear you wear, be sure you test it out much ahead from the day you put it on.

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