Every student must have the opportunity to attend their prom in fashion

 Finding a method to reuse your prom dress or anyone to get further use from it not only helps the environmental surroundings by conserving resources and keeping textiles from landfills but, it can also provide you with emotional satisfaction and happiness. Before you relegate the gown to your niece’s dress-up box, consider finding out how to prepare and donate your prom dress.


Every student must have the opportunity to attend their prom in fashion. Donating an outfit provides that opportunity to a student who might otherwise decide to miss the big event simply for insufficient prom dresses. Donations benefit others, which should be rewarded enough. However, giving back and doing good benefits the giver as well—doing something nice for other people increases feelings of happiness and well-being.


Pull your dress out and perform a goal inspection. If you wore the gown and there were any mishaps at the prom producing a rip or perhaps a noticeable stain, the gown may be a better candidate for dress-ups than a donation. If your dress is in good shape but requires a refresh, go to a professional dry cleaner that is an expert in gowns for cleaning and proper packing.


Over the yesteryear decade approximately, organizations that accept prom gown donations have proliferated in the US and internationally. Some serve their local region while some have branches from coast to coast. Some have expanded their activities beyond prom and prom season to supply other services to students in need of assistance. Mac Duggal prom dresses along with other quality gowns will always be in high demand, much like plus-sized prom dresses. If you have a plus-size gown to donate, choose a business that accepts gowns inside your size.

Here is really a list of just a couple places that accept prom gown donations (some distribute dresses through annual events, that have been canceled this season, plus some may be closed to donations now, however, you can keep track of their websites for updates about once they will be available to receive dresses again):

Project G.L.A.M.: a venture of New York-based WGirls, Project G.L.A.M. provides ball gown dress to a large number of young women in need of assistance.

Operation Prom: another New York-based organization providing you with information on donation drop-off sites around the country.

Becca’s Closet: located in Florida but accepts donations from coast to coast.

These are just a couple of many local or national organizations that offer prom dresses to students to allow them to attend and revel in their prom. Donating your prom gown has emotional, environmental, and social benefits for you personally and whoever finds your gown with the organization you select.


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