All eyes take you while you make your way to the aisle on your wedding day

All eyes take you while you make your way to the aisle on your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids don’t should shine a tad too, right? You probably know what’s coming, but we’re likely to suggest it anyway: sequin dresses.


Whether you combine styles or streamline your maids’ look, your girls are going to be over the moon to rock sequins on your big day. Not sure ways to get it right?

Keep reading for tips on how to pull together a shimmery, sequined wedding party look with affordable bridesmaid dresses!


1. Color

Color plays a large role in making sure the entire look comes together and highlights the bride-to-be. To rock a sparkling dress without outshining the bride-to-be at the wedding, we recommend going for any trendy and timeless neutral tone. 


Go having a colored sequin if you’re searching for a more dramatic look- think burgundy or sapphire blue. As a spectacular shade for any fall or winter wedding, burgundy is really a vivid color that may make a stunning statement. Sapphire blue is really a color that symbolizes wisdom, fortune, and virtue and it is often related to royalty. Matching Sapphire blue bridesmaid gowns with your special day for a modern and bold touch!

2. Pattern

Whether you opt for all-over sequins or simply a hint of shine, you will find endless possibilities to work just a little sparkle to your wedding party. A floor-length sequin dress adds a dramatic flair whereas a sequined bodice having a chiffon skirt is really a more toned-down method of doing it.

A romantic vibe is offered by the shimmery leaf design, which is really a perfect option for people who would really like an elegant look, but additionally delicate details which perfectly show your taste. Even just an indication of sequin detailing in the waist or neckline can also add visual interest.

3. Material

Consider a mixed material sequin bridesmaid dress for any graceful and attractive look if head-to-toe sequin dresses feel a tad too bold. Pairing sequins having a tulle element can give your wedding an intimate feel.

So gorgeous and opulent, sequin bridesmaid gowns have become a trend that has taken off within the bridal fashion industry using their timeless appeal and glamorous vibes. No matter how you decide to style them, sequins always add an immediate pop of drama and timeless dazzle to the look.

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