A classical option is a ball gown dress

 A classic wedding gown is never from fashion whatever the season and trends.

If you need to look elegant, you might consider this prom dress style and stick to the steps of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, who also chose classic wedding gowns for their weddings. Make your desire for a prince charming become a reality – seem like a happy princess!

Classic-style wedding gowns – beauty is not a cruel mistress

Every bride really wants to be flawless on this unforgettable day, but she may encounter difficulties selecting a bridal gown. You have to put on many dresses before you decide to find what you’ve been dreaming about. Choosing a classic wedding gown is easy since it highlights the good thing about your figure and hides imperfections.

Classic dresses complement every girl. Designers can implement their ideas fully and provide a wide selection of gowns within the wedding collection. You can buy a classic wedding gown in our showrooms around the world on the terms of the partnership.

Features of classic wedding gowns


A classical option is a ball gown dress. It features a bodice, a puffy skirt, as well as an accentuated waistline. A cathedral train is optional and may complement the outfit.

It can be a sleeveless or perhaps an off-the-shoulder gown, in addition to a high-neck dress. Sleeves along with a top with soft lace also look beautiful. The only standard is really a corset and puffy skirt to create a bride seem like a princess.

A belt decorated with pearls or glass beads may emphasize the waistline. A full-circle multilayered skirt may feature ruffles, draping details, or pleats to really make it look more voluminous.

It can be done to shift from the standard parameters of making an A-line dress. This silhouette is ideal for plus-size brides just because a puffy skirt may add volume to their hips.


Of course, classic wedding gowns should be white as well as winter white. Since this color might not suit everyone, other shades may be used. Girls of Spring or Autumn color types should think about the following alternatives: champagne, ivory, or creme.

Wedding dresses of non-traditional colors look wonderful if they match a groom’s outfit along with a bridal bouquet. Daring brides aren’t afraid to experiment and try such colors as, for instance, roses. Although it is not a vintage color for any wedding gown, still it preserves the primary features of the style.


Classic lace wedding dresses are usually floor-length and could feature a train. Ankle-length and midi gowns will also be acceptable, even though they don’t come under characteristics from the style. Brides choose dresses of the length since they're more comfortable.

Of course, a maxi dress may be the preferable choice of a vintage style since it gives you a princesses look. But nowadays, there aren't any strict limits; freedom and creativity have displaced conservatism sometime ago. Follow the ideal, don’t hesitate to try new things, and become happy. You can find the best wedding gown from the new Tina Valerdi collections in our showrooms.


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