While some women are quick to embrace this bold style

prom dresses are some of the boldest and many versatile choices for every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect stand-out piece for any holiday, special day, or perhaps a night out around town, a sequin dress can surely suit your needs.

While some women are quick to embrace this bold style, others are put off by it for fear it might be overwhelming. If it isn’t accessorized right, this could certainly be the situation, however, when styled properly, it may be dressed up or right down to help you acquire a fun and classy look for any event or occasion.

Whether you’re wearing a sequin top, skirt, or full dress, deciding on the best accessories will assist you to complete your thing. However, you have to be careful when wearing sequins since they’re so bold all by themselves. With this style, there might be too much of the best thing, and that's why each accessory must be chosen carefully.

When you come out in a sequin dress, the spotlight will certainly be on you. Since sequins are extremely eye-catching and bold, you are able to allow the dress to face out on its very own by adding low-key accessories to the rest of your thing. This isn’t to express that you are able to have some fun accessorizing a sequin dress. Read on for styling tips that will assist you to feel confident your sequin ensemble is appropriately accessorized.


When you choose to come out in a sequin dress, its sparkle and shine are enough to really make it the focal point of the ensemble. Piling on accessories over it can certainly make you look overdressed. When you are looking at sequins, it’s essential to keep the rest of your thing simple and understated. Start small and in mind that sometimes, the very best things are available in small packages.

It’s vital that you choose accessories in solids instead of looking for ones in matching sequins or rhinestones. You also have to avoid heavy, large jewelry. For example, select a pair of delicate stud earrings rather than a dramatic chandelier-style pair. A simple necklace having a thin chain and a small pendant can function well for those who have a scoop, strapless, or V-neck style. However, you need to skip the necklace altogether and merely go for any simple cocktail ring in case your sequin dress has sleeves or perhaps a high neckline. Keep in your mind that when you’re choosing jewelry pieces to complement a sequin dress, avoid gemstones that contend with its sparkle and judge metal instead.

It’s vital that you shine smartly inside a sequin dress. Dresses with sequins could be totally classy when styled right . . . however it all comes right down to the accessories. A simple necklace along with a couple of tasteful studs may be all you need in case your party dresses are bold enough by themselves. Start small and don't forget that sometimes the very best things are available in small packages.


As glam as sequin dresses might be, if you are using your accessories right, you are able to dress one down and convert it into a relaxed look that’s perfect to put on to a casual event like evening happy hour. If you are able to find casual methods to style your sequin dresses, you are able to get much more use from them.

One of the very best accessories for dressing a sequin dress down is really a leather or denim jacket. Either one could be used to toughen the appearance and give a cool edginess for an otherwise formal ensemble. To really arrive at the edge, put on some textured tights and boots. To create a harder version of the luxurious look, wear a set of statement drop earrings having a fitted leather jacket. If you have to dress down for any business event, pair a sequin dress having a fitted blazer and a set of cute flats.


When you wear something bold just like a sequin dress, the aim is to look striking, but not just like a Vegas showgirl. Your accessories often mean the difference between class and trash, so make sure to choose elegant ones.

When you are looking at jewelry, there’s nothing chic or more sophisticated than pearls. If your sequin dress includes a high neckline, wear a strand of rope-length pearls by using it. If the dress includes a scoop, V-neck, or strapless neckline, pair a princess-length pearl necklace or perhaps a pearl choker by using it. Match a simple set of pearl stud earrings by using it to complete the elegant look.


Choosing the best jewelry to accessorize your sequin dress can make or break your thing. Follow these tips to choose the very best jewelry for the dress.


If you’re wearing a solid-colored sequin dress or one having a more minimal design, you are able to probably pull off wearing larger statement earrings. However, in case your dress is colorful or features a more sophisticated sequin design, you need to keep your earrings sleek and straightforward. Think diamond studs or skinny drop earrings.


When you are looking at pairing a necklace having a black prom dress, less is definitely more. Actually, sequin dresses rarely even require a necklace, particularly if you’ve already chosen a stunning set of earrings to accessorize with.

If you are feeling your ensemble really requires a necklace, make use of the neckline of the sequin dress to steer your decision. In most cases, shorter necklaces are perfect. A short solid-colored necklace or perhaps a short necklace having a few small stones could be paired with strapless and off-the-shoulder sequin dresses, in addition to sequin dresses with sweetheart and straight necklines. If you’re wearing a sequin dress having a V-neck design, you are able to get away with having a slightly longer pendant necklace, but keep it simple. Party dresses with v-necklines have the ability to pull off simple, slightly longer pendant necklaces since the deeper the cut within the bodice allows more room for jewelry.


The “less is more” motif follows for bracelets as with every other accessory for sequin dresses. If you’re set on accessorizing your thing with a bracelet, think about the sleeve type. As much as you might want to put on one, bracelets are completely unnecessary if you’re wearing a long-sleeve dress. However, sleeveless and short-sleeve dresses could be accessorized by having a small link or charm bracelet, cuff, or bangle.


It requires a little practice to understand how to accessorize a sequin dress. Don’t be intimidated – just stick to the style guide above and try new and different combinations. In most cases, a couple of accessories are your sequin dress will need. Most look good with no accessories whatsoever.

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