What to Do After Accepting a Bridesmaid Proposal

As soon as the bestie got engaged, you knew this very day was coming. It was merely a matter of time before an attractive little gift box turned up at your door, asking you to become her bridesmaid. If this is the first time being someone’s bridesmaid, you’re probably now wondering what’s next following the proposal?

There are obviously no strict rules on which you should do after getting a bridesmaid proposal. That being said, here is a great starting point:

Once you've received a bridesmaid dresses, the very first thing you probably wish to accomplish is say yes. It’s your very best mate, obviously you wish to be there on her behalf big day!

Before you call her and accept the proposal all of the roles and responsibilities which go along with as being a bridesmaid, take into account the commitment you’ll make. Do you've any other major life events that may coincide together with her hen party, bridal shower or even the actual wedding?

You wish to avoid being in a situation in which you need to pick the birth of the nephew over your very best friend’s wedding. If there is any reason you might not be present for many of her events, you have to give her a heads-up asap.

Let Her Know How Much It Means to You

Now that you simply’ve thought everything through, you are able to go ahead and accept be her bridesmaid with enthusiasm and excitement. Call her up and tell her how honoured you're to be her bridesmaid, and just how grateful you're for her proposal. You could also send a heartfelt note declaring that how excited you for the special day, and also the journey to obtain there.

If you've any concerns about your bridesmaid duties, this is the time to bring them up. She’s probably knee-deep in wedding ceremony planning already. The sooner you remind her your concerns, the simpler it will be on her to plan around any potential issues.

Post the Bridesmaid Proposal on Social Media

If your very best girl went full-scale and sent a bridesmaid gift box full of goodies, show her some love on social networking. Whether she made the gift box or purchased, your friend deserves some recognition for any wonderful proposal.

Although the bride to be may not know specific dates for pre-wedding events, she must have a general concept of when the big day will be. This will apt to be included in your bridesmaid proposal, but around the chance it’s not, discover the wedding date from the bride to be and mark it off your calendar the moment poss.

While you are able to’t completely arrange for events that haven’t happened yet, it’s helpful if the bride to be knows the month by which specific events will probably happen. For example, knowing that the hen party is within March, you are able to try to prevent scheduling anything around the weekends during the entire month.

There is a great chance you won't know a few of the other bridesmaids. So, before the festivities commence, why don't you get their numbers and hang up a WhatsApp group together. You’ll be working closely with one of these girls & boys to plan the bride to be’s hen party and assist with the wedding ceremony planning process, so it’ll be good to obtain to know one another first.

This strategy will even give you an concept of how each bridesmaid is going to be contributing. If one bridesmaid lives even further away, it seems sensible to offer her tasks that aren’t location-specific.

Get Ready for Unforgettable Moments

Being a bridesmaid has become a honour and privilege. It’s additionally a huge commitment of the time and often money.

Still, you wouldn’t imagine being anywhere but by the bride to be’s side on her behalf wedding day. By planning early and jumping to your role like a bridesmaid, both your wallet and your very best friend is going to be grateful.

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