Fancy needlework or stitching on the gown made by hand or machine

Fancy needlework or stitching on the gown made by hand or machine. Embroidery is frequently in floral or swirled patterns and may be used as an accent on wedding gown bodices, sleeves, and skirts.


Genuine or faux feathers are sewn onto mother of the bride dress sleeves, hemlines, bodices, and skirts. Feathers could be individually placed for any scattered, abstract look, or used more densely in rows which are the more dramatic result.


A strip of cut fabric or threads is held together with a seam or trim across the top. Fringe is usually paired with beading or lace, with respect to the style. For a boho effect, fringe could be applied to sleeves and skirts, or used all around the dress for any flapper-inspired bridal look.


Tiny metallic flecks that reflect light, developing a sparkly, glistening fabric. Glitter tulle is really a popular selection for ball gown skirts and it is sometimes layered underneath another sheer fabric, like organza, to soften the sparkle.


Paillettes are circular, flat embellishments having a metallic or iridescent finish. These dress embellishments look much like sequins (more about those below), having a few slight differences. Paillettes are bigger than sequins, ranging up to and including a few inches in diameter, and therefore are attached by one hole at the very top (versus the middle), which allows them to hang from the fabric.


Authentic or faux pearls are accustomed to adorn gowns, headpieces, bags, and shoes. Like pearl wedding rings and other jewelry, pearls will add a lustrous element to your wedding gown. These iridescent gems are popular for both classic and ethereal styles, and are available in a selection of colors, shapes, and sizes:

Akoya pearls: Pearls have a perfectly round shape and blemish-free sheen. They're considered probably the most classic kind of pearl.

Baroque pearls: Pearls that are irregularly shaped, usually within an oblong form. Baroque pearls are chosen for her nontraditional, one-of-a-kind look.

Seed pearls: Tiny pearls, either inside a round or irregular shape, which are often employed for beaded trims and delicate jewelry.


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