A 1930s House Party-Style Wedding

Annabelle and Chris, who're both lawyers, married on 18 August 2018 inside a Church of England ceremony in Whitchurch, Hampshire having a reception afterward at Kingsclere.

"I loved the color and also the style complimented the ideas I had based on how I wanted the marriage to look because it has a classic feel. I love beading and sparkle. We asked our guests to put on black tie and evening dresses and my dress felt like a part of that whilst still being bridal."

I like it when the bridesmaids' gowns mirror those of the bride, which deep blue dresses just do use their elegant silhouette and neckline.

"My bridesmaid dresses all chose their very own shoes. My matron of honor's shoes was from but another of my bridesmaids wore some very sparkly! I have a minor disability which impacts my walking and shoes could be tricky for me so it felt extremely important to me that my bridesmaids felt comfortable within their footwear!"

The page boys were dressed up in smart bow ties and waistcoats, whilst the bride-to-be's mum made the flower girls gorgeously floral dresses, that they wore with fresh flower crowns.

"We met at the office and were friends for around five years. It was only if I was going to change jobs that people realized quite just how much we liked and would miss one another so Chris inquired about out at a bus stop. We were engaged just for over 1.5 years before our big day."

"I wanted romantic flowers which were not overly formal but captured the English countryside. I wanted blues and creams inside the bouquets and also the arrangements because these complimented the color of my dress and also the bridesmaid's dresses."

"After giving my mum a short she met with Lisa so that as soon as I saw the atmosphere board I knew the flowers were going to be just how I wanted them. After that, I left mum and Lisa to find the specific arrangements together."

"I know some brides would discover that extraordinary but I knew these were on the right track and after planning anything else in such detail it would be a lovely surprise to determine the flowers around the morning of the marriage."

"One of my favorite details of your day was the floral arch around the church door. I thought about this a lot as I thought it could have been an unnecessary expense however it looked so beautiful and it is stunning around the photos away from the church."

"We were both quite nervous about carrying out the first dance therefore we tried to hide 'At Last' by Etta James inside a playlist between The Spitfire Sisters' sets – this didn't go a long way though as people noticed us dancing and watched! We find the song as for all of us it reflects those years knowing one another without realizing that people were a lot more than friends."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"If something you believe you ought to do doesn't excite you don't get it done. There are plenty of things you often see at weddings – a photo booth and confetti come to mind – that simply wasn't us therefore we didn't get it done. No one missed it and that we saved money."

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