Chic, Effortless & Sophisticated Modern Bridal Elegance

This body of labor is a result of a few of the finest artists within the wedding dresses industry collaborating to produce something truly beautiful purely to inspire you and also provide an understanding of their talents and creativity.

Penny's words follow…

"When Voytek and floral artist Michal approached me in Spring 2022 to go over shooting together and developing a lifestyle wedding shoot in the stunning venue Morden Hall I was incredibly excited. The vision from the shoot was to produce a modern wedding editorial filled with light and fashion that epitomizes utter chic."

"Our color pattern was predominantly white with touches of garden green, soft greys, and gold accents, I felt it had been really important for that overall feeling to feel soft and effortlessly blended."

"The looks we created are ideal for couples searching for a clean aesthetic which will stand the exam of time. We also gave just a little nod to people who adore design having a more rustic and playful edge inside our outdoor dining room table. We wanted our shoot to embody you can mix up design styling in your day also it can still flow together effortlessly."

Penny caused the most fantastic edit of gowns and accessories, from designers including, and the sensational, whose oversized bows and statement bridal headpieces are experiencing a real moment. The most sensational handmade heels complete the general glamour.

Styling & Concept Tigerlily Weddings

"We were extremely lucky with an amazing team of creatives and artists join us to help us produce the vision of having a mesmerizing mixture of florals, fashion, accessories to handcrafted macramé. It's been a genuine pleasure so that you can celebrate a few of the amazing artists inside our industry from shoes to millinery, accessories, and gowns including designers."

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