A Relaxed Late Summer Wedding

On 1 September, the officer wed a musician in a Church of England wedding then an outdoor celebration and tipi wedding near Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire.

"We feel so incredibly lucky that Richard was our photographer. He is beyond talented. When we had Richard’s work and he said he was available we snapped him up. Just how special the photos are once the day has ended is quite amazing – they get you back to that day every time you appear at them. They also help remove a bit from the post-wedding blues as you've something to appear forward to."

I love the way the split within the skirt showcases her rose gold heels, the hue which perfectly complements the gown. With its romantic, appliqu├ęd bodice, sexy mid-back, and the most contemporary and wonderful layered skirt, I adore the way the sheer skirt and train are layered within the mini skirt to have an oh-so contemporary and cool vibe.

Luisa's bridesmaids looked beautiful within their wedding dresses of sequinned bodices and tulle skirts, worn with shoes and fresh flowers in their hair, along with having a gift from the bride.

This couple happens to be together for 10 years since they met at the age of fifteen in secondary school.

"We sat alongside each other in English and also have pretty much been inseparable since. Jack proposed in Bruges following a beer tasting evening. We went for a walk to locate a super moon and Jack said my shoelace had come undone. When I looked down Jack wasn't doing my shoe lace-up; he was on a single knee and asking me to marry him."

The couple exchanged Church of England vows and rings and asked Jack's grandad to express a few words.

"Jack's grandad spoke for all of us at our wedding. He would be a minister and it would be a special touch to possess him to say some words during our marriage."

My favorite photos are the ones of Jack and Luisa leaving the church as newlyweds; they appear so incredibly happy and as though they are having such fun using their loved ones. Although the bride had walked towards the church, the pair hopped in a smart to visit Furtho Manor Farm.

Planning for bad weather, the rain shelter turned to act as a sun-shade.

"We were built with a nightmare hitch on the way regarding weather and becoming food into the tipi in the kitchen over the way within the bar. We put a covered walkway in the tipi towards the barn in case but the day was surprisingly glorious the ones didn't apply it rain once we'd planned however for shade – therefore it worked out ok within the end."

"We wanted a relaxed vibe where everything was thought of and also the guests felt comfortable. We didn't genuinely have a theme as a result, more a vibe that people wanted to attain; relaxed and filled with love and with as numerous flowers as we could easily fit in a tipi. We wanted it to be laid-back but with all of the little touches to make it come together. We loved the ideas from the open sides around the tipi to ensure that that outside could be involved with that inside also it felt like one big room."

In the come evening time, the very first dance began with the music with the live band getting everyone up and dancing.

"There's nothing we'd change; it was the very best day in our lives. One thing we're glad we said we'd do is to stay together as much as possible around the day, it's easy with a lot of guests to obtain swept up and separated. We desired to stay together and spend our day with one another and we're glad we did – it had been special."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Stay together. Try and be sure you spend your entire day together – it's about the two of you after all. Take some time to simply go and sit from everyone and observe."

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