A Botanical Inspired London Wedding

This ultra-cool London celebration does exactly that, having a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, and contemporary botanical styling contrasting brilliantly using the historic backdrop of St. Paul's Cathedral and also the lovely Paternoster Square. Meet Zoë, a procurement lead, and Will, head of analytics and data science. They were married on 27 April 2019.

Zoë turned her creative talents to designing her very own wedding dresses, which was made by Bethany, and sourced the lace, using its modern, sinuous design herself. I love the classic tea dress style and also the way the lovely lace looks against Zoë's skin.

"I am excited when I found the lace for my dress – I love lace but find most bridal lace to become quite old-fashioned. I wanted something contemporary and striking. I found what I wanted at an online fabric retailer, however, it wasn't until I tried the ultimate version of the gown a week before the wedding that I could see what it looked like! Slightly nerve-racking but worthwhile!"

"We met at university (both of us studied the same course) and moved in together as we graduated. We had been together 8 years when Will proposed on the surprise visit to New York in May 2018 and was married 11 months later."

Will look great inside a grey three-piece suit, that they wore had a white shirt as well as an amazing custom hand-knitted green tie from Etsy-based.

"We've lived in London for almost all our relationship, also it's the area that almost feels as though home to us. We wanted a venue which was unpretentious and created a pleasantly relaxed vibe, and looked mostly at non-traditional venues like pubs and museums."

Zoë's bridesmaids headed on the aisle first, each wearing their very own choice of dress in complementary, sage green shades, along with gold shoes, and floral combs within their hair.

"Will and I walked on the aisle together. This was vital to us, as we desired to demonstrate that marriage was not some big transition, but a step within our relationship that people were getting into as a couple."

The music the pair chose had deeply held meaning on their behalf both – Arrival from the Birds by The Cinematic Orchestra, which is such an attractive piece.

"Will sent this in my experience early within our relationship whenever we were living in different parts of the country, because he said it reminded him of me. It's become very special to us through the years, also it was a difficult moment walking on the aisle for this song."

Zoë and Will wrote their very own vows, that they kept as a surprise for one another until the ceremony, plus they exchanged rings chosen, in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.

"We got our rings in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham once we have a family connection there. I wanted an ordinary gold band which may fit around my diamond engagement ring, and Will designed their own, which was a platinum band with gold edging as well as an engraved fern motif."

"Will and I had custom figures of ourselves made (including tiny Lego wheelchairs)! We also gave all of our guests rocket balloons during dinner for you to blow up and launch over the room. This resulted in full-fledged warfare between tables and was probably the most fun part of the day. I’ve been built with a couple of people who ask me where we've got them so that they could have them at their weddings too!"

"During the evening reception, Will and I took several minutes to visit outside and walk around Paternoster Square together. Having that moment searching for at St Paul's and reflecting around the day was special and crystallized everything for me."

"I honestly don't think there's anything we'd have done differently if we'd known an amount happen. There were several stressful moments, but I think there have been always bound to become! The day was exactly what both of us wanted."

Words of Wedded Wisdom

"Learn to compromise around the small stuff. Decide what's vital to you as a couple and stay with that, but let others help out with other odds and ends if it means they are happy, then around the day you can relax understanding that the big things are looked after."

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