We adore the glamour and timeless elegance of 1920s style, red lips, sleek stunning curls, the iconic flapper bob, and luscious embellishment, we can't get enough! Are you as in love with all of the things the 1920s as we are and wish this to stand out on your special day? We’ve got ideal dresses to complement your gorgeous vintage theme.

Do you yearn for the roaring twenties; go full-scale 1920s glamour a la The Great Gatsby in high embellishment and lavish fabrics.

Turn in the jazz music and embrace full flapper girl style; embody the epitome from the roaring twenties in extravagantly embellished luxury. Our 'Ellie' gowns using its stunning art deco inspired adornment, form-fitting bodice, scalloped lace, and diamante encrusted plunging neckline is an ideal way to put on this iconic look on your big day.

Love the Gatsby vibe, but wish to add an advantage of modernity to your look, our 'Hadara' gown combines a modern-day fit and flare feeltimes dresses having a gorgeous vintage sheer embellished neckline and capped sleeve to provide you with the best of all possible worlds.

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