We got bridesmaid dresses on 25th June 2021 at Sherbrooke Castle an attractive venue within the south side of Glasgow. It is an amazing 4-star baronial hotel built in 1896 and handcrafted in red sandstone.

Greg and I met inside a nightclub in Glasgow city center called 'Shimmy' on the Christmas particular date back in 2015. We get along once we are opposites; he's quiet and reserved whereas I am loud and boisterous, you can't obtain a word in when I'm speaking as well as on our first date I don't think Greg got a thing in, but he'd kind eyes and that's what sealed the offer.

We are generally on the same page with families once we are both very family orientated. He proposed in 2018 on the holiday to Dubai coupled with picking out the ring 30 days before the holiday and asked my father for permission. He proposed in the 'One and Only Royal Mirage Hotel' where he'd organized a seaside dinner with rose petals along with a steak dinner it had been amazing!

I only visited two wedding gown shops. All of the dresses I tried on before the one I chose were an identical design and material as I was adamant I would like what I thought.

I picked the gown from purchased from FeelTimes. I picked this gown as I had seen it in the back on FeelTimes's Instagram and was intrigued to determine what it had been like. The lady in the shop thought I wouldn't enjoy it because it had been so not the same as what I had tried on previously, but once I had it on my small sister and mum were like this is the one! Also, my birthday is within June so a pearl is my birthstone so felt it had been a rather sentimental dress in my experience.

FeelTimes bridal was amazing! I had the very best shopping experience Lynn who solved the problem made me feel so comfortable and helped me feel like it had been more than just a shopping experience!

Our big day was a lot more than I could have ever wished for, the venue staff especially. William ensured my day was amazing literally couldn't fault some of my vendors whatsoever.

My favorite part of my wedding was when I got my dress on and showed my mum, dad and bridesmaids because I've never felt more beautiful and confident in my entire life.

The meal and reception ended up better than I had ever hoped as obviously because of covid there are restrictions regarding music and dancing, however, our busker that people hired for lunch and reception managed to get amazing! He is called Gregor Coleman. Also, the venue staff made everyone feel at ease making it seem like a normal wedding.

Some tips for brides-to-be could be not to stress and worry an excessive amount about your entire day, especially with Covid. Your day is going to be amazing as we all want you to have the very best day possible and also the hype you are feeling marrying the individual you love makes your entire day amazing from start to finish.

Our photographers were a couple of teams The Gibsons –they are perfect at their job made us feel so comfortable at the time and paid attention to what we were hoping to find with our photos.

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