Stepmother from the Bride: What to Wear

Perhaps the role in weddings using the least resources readily available for research, and also the most challenging to decorate, maybe the stepmother from the bride (or groom). You certainly desire to be in your gorgeous best, yet you're attempting to be more sensitive and never upstage the mom. So what is the next step?

Are You Invited As A Guest Or As A Parent

The thing is to determine whether you are visiting the wedding like a guest or like a parent. This is usually based on the seating arrangements. Some etiquette professionals state that the couple's biological parents must sit together around the first row and the stepparent ought to be seated around the second row. While many other experts – the ones in general – disagree with this, keep in mind that this is as much as the wedding couple.

What to put on if you're coming like a guest

If you're coming like a guest, wear something classy and judge an appropriate length for the dress. This is quite tricky, but don't forget that you're still family and somehow likely to participate in the marriage in some way, so do not veer away an excessive amount from exactly what the mothers from the bride and groom are going to be wearing, or wear some from the wedding dresses colors. Choose a dress that isn't too revealing, although it is going to be tempting to upstage your husband's ex-wife, don't.

What to put on if you're coming like a parent

Many couples aren't very traditional and choose to do their very own thing, not following a standard "etiquette". In this example, wear something similar to exactly what the mother is going to be wearing. Just the same, resist the need to outdo them. As a guide, allow the mother from the bride to choose her dress first, then your mother from the groom, before choosing yours.

If you're coming like a parent, then you have some kind of relationship together with your stepdaughter or stepson, so consult together first about your dress. The bride, specifically, will probably have suggestions on which she prefers the mothers to put on.

The Colors

Perhaps the most crucial factor in selecting your dress is deciding on the best colors. Here's some advice: don't wear the same color because of the mothers from the bride and groom or even the entourage. It is safe to put on a more subdued color or something like that neutral. Also, avoid white, red well as in some instances, black too. Popular color choices are taupe or beige since they're classy and neutral, and royal or navy blue since they're conservative but somewhat livelier than black.

If you can, ask the bride to be for advice or suggestions in your dress. This may be the safest solution for this dilemma! Choose classy accessories and shoes to match your dress and don't forget to smile for photos!


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