Stacy and Patrick's Beautiful California Summer Wedding

Feel the sun's rays shining in your face as you're watching down the aisle towards the love of our life within the beautifully enclosed glass chapel encompassed by redwood trees. Wayfarers Chapel in California gave Stacy and Patrick a memorable wedding that's to envy through the sheer great thing about it.

The couple effortlessly used the three.5 acres

to push their photographs towards the next level to ensure that any guest can genuinely have the emotions they believed in those exact moments over time. It is evident that this LA photographer greatly enjoyed shooting this specific wedding that is what all brides and grooms should desire to have inside their photographer, yet a photographer needs a canvas, paint, along a paintbrush to produce the perfect photograph and moment over time.

The stunning look at the Pacific ocean

enhances Stacy and Patrick's love whilst drawing focus on all from the detail both in the bride and groom's looks. Stacy wore a strapless full-length dress with intricate beading on her behalf corset top and across the edges from the bottom of her skirt including her lengthy yet stunning train. Complementing the bride-to-be's exquisite dress is her mid-length veil, glistening tiara, sparkling silver heels, along a bouquet of pearly white roses. Although the bride specifically has only white in her final look, the affair was built with a color theme of deep blue and light pink. This color theme is depicted very well through the looks from the worn through the groomsmen and bridesmaid dresses; Stacy and Patrick's counterparts wore either deep blue suits with pink ties and pink pocket squares for that groomsman or long deep blue dresses having a v-neckline, lace sleeves, along with a small pink bouquet of roses.

One trend is the fact that Stacy surprised Patrick outside of their ceremony in her complete look and all sorts he could do was hug her.

How cute is the fact that?

During the couple's reception, additionally, they continued using their color scheme of deep blue and pink with the tablecloths be deep blue pink table number cards, but despite elegant orchid centerpieces. Flowers were a delicate method to continue a classic feel for their wedding whilst keeping a tie to nature. The couple was built with a three-tier white wedding cake which had roses, along with other flowers piped about it. Upon the top of the wedding cake, they were built with a groom carrying his bride-to-be on the beach saying "Just Married" which perfectly fits this couple's wedding simply because they were married right next to the Pacific ocean.

Stacy and Patrick's illuminating love as well as their marvelous wedding is one to find the unique and delightful ideas for your future wedding whether or not it is within the next year or if it's not been planned yet.


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