Every 6 months we create a pilgrimage to NYC to consider time out and celebrate what’s coming next. After caffeine-fueled two days of appointments, Ubers, and order forms, here’s a fast recap of what’s new as well as on deck for Fall.

PLAY WITH COLOR WITH TWO-TONE bridesmaid dresses

Using multiple colors or perhaps an ombre palette with the bridal party is a trend we’ve watched for any season or two. In this Market, several designers introduced new methods to play with color. TRY TEA LENGTH

When cocktail length feels too casual and floor-length - too fussy, tea length is back as well as in popular demand! A few designers reminded us why tea-length silhouettes are a sweet and complicated alternative.


These separate possess a knack for cinching a waistline looking smart. Using two pieces to produce one look enables an easier fit and unique re-wearability of person pieces.

Our favorite thing about this Bridal Market trip (besides fitting some seriously gorgeous gowns!) was noticing that designers are beginning to experiment with their designs. They are taking our feedback and running by using it...and that we were NOT disappointed.

It is exciting for all of us to get a sneak peek at the upcoming trends and that we know you'll LOVE them nearly as much as we do!


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