Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

If you’ve chosen to tie the knot, the chances are you already have a concept of what you want your girls to wear. Even people who aren’t engaged can dream! Choosing what your bridesmaids will wear around the big day is a sizable task. Women are available in all different sizes and shapes, and you'll have a selection of sizes represented inside your entourage. Or, perhaps you’ve been inspired to join ‘Team Bride’ and also have been given a tight schedule ahead to select for yourself. In that case, you might want some assistance with how to select a full-figured bridesmaid dress.

Either way, Feeltimes is here now to help! When designing our type of bridesmaid dresses, we kept women of every shape and size in our minds. Our collection is made to be inclusive, with flattering silhouettes along with a size selection of 00 - 32. Keep reading to obtain some have-to-know tips on choosing full-figured bridesmaid dresses. Plus, get acquainted with some of our most widely used styles!

Tips for Plus Size Bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses are made to flatter specific physical structures. No ifs, and, or buts. As for full-figured bridesmaid dress styles, you’ll wish to pay attention to the following elements.

1. Choose a Flattering Silhouette

A-line dresses are a tight schedule-to gown for full-figured bridesmaids. This silhouette flatters everyone's type, plus it's comfortable. However, avoid a-line gowns with added volume or ruffles. Since a-line dresses happen to be flowy, they might add unnecessary volume to a full-figured bridesmaid's shape.

2. Opt for V-Neckline bridesmaid dresses

You convey more options with the neckline, but we recommend the classic V-neckline. It is feminine and may build your bust look smaller. This is a bonus for many full-figured brides, who may possess a large bust.

3. Avoid Flashy Patterns

It is recommended that full-figured bridesmaids avoid dresses with patterns. Patterns make people look larger, especially stripes and dots. Instead, choose a solid color. They tend to be flattering - plus, solid color bridesmaid gowns are very much in fashion.

4. Pay Attention to Bridesmaid Dress Fabrics

When you are looking at fabric, there's only one general rule: avoid something that clings. The tight-fitting fabric could be super uncomfortable and restricting, particularly when you're attempting to dance or move about. We recommend selecting a lace or chiffon fabric - each of which will drape over your curves beautifully.

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