The Ultimate Guide to Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses!

Mismatched weddings are wonderful because they let your bridesmaids the freedom to select a dress that will best fit their figure, fashion sense, and budget! We compiled the best list of anything and everything that you'll want to know about mismatched weddings.


Choosing to mismatch your bridesmaids' gowns is a great method to add personality and fun to your wedding. We suggest selecting a color family or palette being an easy method to create a cohesive look (for example neutrals, jewel tones, pinks, blues, etc.). You can order fabric swatches through FeelTimes to possess a tangible method to compare your choices!


At FeelTimes lots of our dresses are easy to combine! Some of our styles have an embroidered lace bodice with chiffon skirts. As a guideline, it's often best to pair cohesive fabrics like chiffon and lace together and set shiny fabrics for example satin and silk together.


Let’s be truthful, it's not all style looks good on everyone. We all will vary heights, figures, and sizes, so choosing only one dress to go with every ‘maid can be hard. Letting your bridesmaid dresses choose their dress style provides them the opportunity to find an outfit that will make sure they are shining.

Other helpful suggestions to keep in mind:

It’s smart to approve your bridesmaid’s dresses before they order them. Even should you let your ‘maids choose their style, color, etc., it’s YOUR wedding and you ought to love everything! After you approve your bridesmaids’ dresses, tell and show the rest to the girls. This way should you want each girl inside a different color, there won’t accidentally be three in slate blue. Sometimes it helps you to assign each ‘maid an outfit style or color.

Order extra FeelTimes fabric swatches for the bridesmaids to assist them to choose what colors and fabrics will appear best together.


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