Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Neutral Wedding

A highly underrated color, we are prepared to see an increase in champagne gold bridesmaid dresses come 2022! A soft buttery yellow, champagne lends a bright and sunny turn to your wedding party. It is simple to incorporate right into a modern wedding palette, as well as it looks gorgeous on dark skin color. Learn about our best-selling FeelTimes champagne bridesmaid gowns - with choices for everyone inside your party. Plus get inspired through the most popular neutral bridesmaid dress colors.

Top Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses by Style

Champagne bridesmaid gowns are always the ideal choice! Light and airy in the summertime, while classy for winter weddings, you cannot go wrong! While all of our designs are flattering, they are our top champagne bridesmaid gowns. All obtainable in sizes 00 to 32, and also at affordable prices, we can not wait that you should find the ideal dress!

Neutral Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Champagne bridesmaid gowns are an attractive neutral color option. They are ideal for a modern and lightweight neutral-themed wedding! Neutral palettes aren’t going anywhere, and that we have several choices for you to consider when designing a trendy neutral fall into line. To help you get inspired, we’ve included real wedding photos of FeelTimes bridesmaid gowns in action.

1. Off-White Bridesmaid Dresses

White is traditional, but off-white is equally as beautiful! Our off-white dresses are under the color ‘Dew Drop’, an attractive beige-green color. This shade is light but lends a subtle and natural touch of color. We recommend featuring it between late spring with the fall. It pairs especially well with peach and blush, for any romantic mismatched spring look.

2. Beige Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the most widely used colors, especially amongst boho brides, is a neutral ‘latte’ color. A warm dark beige color, less than brown, complements every complexion. This neutral shade is exclusive in that you can use it to pull off several vibes, from retro to vintage and boho. It pairs beautifully using the FeelTimes colors Cinnamon or Spice.

3. Light Grey Bridesmaid Dresses

With a rather blue hue, Dove Grey is a hot and modern light grey. This color works year-round, regardless if you are hosting a bright spring affair or perhaps a chilly winter wedding. It's a color that the bridesmaids will like and will anticipate wearing again and again. We love pairing Dove Grey with silver and black, or shades of blue.

Champagne Color Bridesmaid Dresses Inspiration

When creating a fall into line with champagne color bridesmaid gowns, your choices are unlimited. Feature this color alone for any bright neutral spring look, or with darker tones for any bold mismatched summer wedding party. Although many brides may go through intimated with this color, we urge you to get creative! Selecting a less popular color is the opportunity to stick out, having a memorable color scheme. Take a peek only at that real FeelTimes wedding with Champagne bridesmaid gowns!

Let’s Hear From You!

Ready to purchase champagne bridesmaid gowns? We don’t blame you! This subtle color is beautiful and thus easy to incorporate right into a bright wedding color scheme. It will complement all of your bridesmaids, and it is sure to leave an impact on your guests. Let us know which champagne FeelTimes dress was your favorites in the comment section below!


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