Once you've chosen your wedding gown, it’s time for you to start considering what your bridesmaids will wear. Beyond knowing precisely what you don’t want, deciding on the best bridesmaid dresses could be tricky.

Check out our guide in choosing bridesmaid gowns to find an outfit that will make everyone happy. Best of all, every dress from FeelTimes is made to order so that your girls can rely on the dresses that suit perfectly while which makes them feel beautiful.

Start using the Budget

Before you begin taking a look at dresses, think about the costs such as the dress (and alterations as needed), shoes, jewelry, hair, and makeup. One choice to meet every finance is to choose the color of the dress and permit your bridesmaids to select a dress that matches their taste and budget.

The Shape of You

One common complaint among former bridesmaids is they were instructed to wear an outfit that doesn’t flatter. When you are trying to locate a universally flattering dress, stay with prom dresses produced from sturdier fabrics. Gauzy, floaty dresses can overwhelm petite frames while making full-figured women appear larger. Some good options would come with the following.

3/4 sleeves – This sleeve length looks great on every age, height, and body shape. It also eliminates a few of the discomforts that can come with strapless or sleeveless styles.

A-line silhouettes – The A-line silhouette is easily the most universally flattering shape for bridesmaid gowns, then empire waist styles. If any of the bridesmaids expect, an empire dress is a comfortable and suitable choice.

Subtle design details – Ruching or darts in the waist, well-placed slits around the skirt, along with other details can draw attention to her best features and boost the fit of the gown.

Matte fabric – Shiny or iridescent reflects light and makes the best-fitting gown look somehow “off.”

No to ball gowns or plenty of fabric for full-figured bridesmaids – Adding layers of material can only make one appear heavier. Again, in case your bridesmaids have a diverse range of shapes and sizes, you may consider choosing an outfit color and allowing each bridesmaid to select the gown style that's most enhancing to her shape.

The Rainbow Connection

Bridesmaid dresses typically coordinate using the color schemes from the wedding.

If your reception has been held inside a beautiful garden entirely bloom, bright fuchsia or turquoise dress will your style in. Consider the theme and feeling you would like for the wedding, and coordinate the gown color.

Fall and winter weddings demand deeper richer hues than summer and spring nuptials. Think about navy, chocolate, or eggplant shades for that fall and winter; and, brighter pinks, greens, blues for that summer.

Many brides are choosing their bridesmaids to put on the same dress in several hues from the same color family. Another trend may be the “rainbow” wedding party with each bridesmaid wearing the same dress in different shades from the rainbow.

What are you currently wearing?

As the bride-to-be, you're the star of the show, so that your bridesmaids’ dresses should coordinate with yours. As you examine the photos of bridesmaid dress options, put them side-by-side with photos of the dress to determine how they look together.

Generally speaking, the greater elaborate your dress, the more your bridesmaid gowns should be. If your dress has plenty of beading, lace, or any other details, look for any simpler bridesmaid gown.

Some brides prefer to coordinate the necklines or general type of bridesmaid gowns with their gowns. For example, if you're wearing a strapless A-line dress, a tank-style, or perhaps a boat neck A-line bridesmaid dress will coordinate nicely. If you are wearing a marriage gown by having an illusion lace neckline, select a bridesmaid dress having a similar style.

Be Unique

Finally, don’t hesitate to show some of your personality and become unique with your wedding party gowns. To find the perfect dress that won’t end your friendships, browse our bridesmaid dress styles here.


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