How To Measure Yourself For A Bridesmaid Dress

Being a bridesmaid includes no shortage of responsibilities—one which is having your bridesmaid dress measurements. Whether you're online shopping for bridesmaid gowns or trying them on in-store, knowing your measurements before you purchase a bridesmaid dress is an absolute must.

Don't possess the time or budget to obtain professionally measured? Don't sweat it. Read on to understand how to measure for any bridesmaid dress to help you look and feel fab around the bride's special day.

What You'll Need

Fortunately, you do not need many tools to consider proper measurements for any bridesmaid dress. The one tool that you simply absolutely should have is a soft tape measure, which you'll get at the local craft store.

It's additionally a good idea to possess a pencil along with a notebook handy. That way, you can jot down your measurements and employ them to refer to the size chart for that specific dress you are looking to purchase.

Got all you need? You're almost prepared to start measuring.

Helpful Tips Before You Measure

Taking your measurements doesn't have to be a daunting task. That being said, we've heard lots of horror stories of how incorrect measurements have resulted in frustrating dress shopping experiences for bridesmaids.

To help you save from future dress problems and be sure a stress-free dress shopping experience, here are some important guidelines to help you measure using the utmost accuracy:

Consider your undergarments. What undergarments do you plan to put on with your bridesmaid dress? Be sure to put on them when you measure yourself to obtain the most accurate measurements possible.

Don't forget your shoes. On a similar note, make sure to bring shoes which are the same height because the shoes you intend to wear around the bride's special day. If you're wearing an extended bridesmaid dress, you will want to factor inside your heel height before getting the dress tailored.

Give a little breathing room. The tape measure should be snug against the body without being too tight. If you aren't able to squeeze a fingertip underneath the tape measure, you're pulling it too tight.

Breathe normally. Avoid sucking in or holding your breath. The goal of having your measurements isn't to achieve the lowest number it is possible to. It's to with a comfortable and flattering bridesmaid dress which makes you feel amazing.

When uncertain, size up. Not sure in case your hips are 40” or 41”? Jot down 41” if you're not confident inside your measuring abilities. Remember: It's a lot easier to consider a bridesmaid to dress yourself in than it is to allow one out!

What To Measure (And How)

To find your perfect fit, you'll need to consider four measurements: Your bust, waist, hips, and a high point. In case you haven't heard about that last one, the high point is the only measurement from the length of the gown from its highest indicate its hemline.

Ready to obtain accurate measurements for the bridesmaid dress? Here's what you have to measure and how you can do it properly:

Bust: Note, this is not the same thing as the bra size! Take the tape measure around your back and beneath your armpits before meeting in the fullest a part of your bust. Remember to put on the same bra (if any) you will be wearing using the dress. Record the measurement at the very end of your tape measure.

Waist: Your natural waistline may be the narrowest part of your torso. To find this time, bend slightly aside and make note of the natural crease inside your waistline. Wrap the tape measure around this crease, which ought to be roughly two inches above your navel.

Hips: To measure your hips, stand naturally together with your feet together. Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips and backside. Make sure that the tape measure is level all the way around by looking inside a full-length mirror when you measure.

High Point Bust: The high point bust can be used to measure strapless bridesmaid gowns. To get this measurement, measure in the top of the bustline towards the floor.

High Point Shoulder: The high point shoulder measurement can be used for dresses having a shoulder. To get this measurement, measure in the top of the shoulder towards the floor.

If you're around the taller side (generally 5'7” and above) and intend on rocking heels, we highly recommend getting extra length for the dress. Note: Most of FeelTimes's bridesmaid gowns are available in extra length unless otherwise stated in the description!

Take The Stress Out Of bridesmaid dresses Shopping

Whether you're wearing a brief bridesmaid dress or perhaps a stunning, floor-length number, obtaining the right dress measurements is essential to achieving a flawless fit. After all, you deserve to feel and look good whenever you stand by the bride-to-be on her day.

Have additional questions regarding sizing or fit? Get in touch having a FeelTimes stylist and we'll gladly assist.


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