Our Editors Reveal Their Favorite Wedding Dresses Right Now

The bridal market is filled with a large number of talented wedding gown designers, releasing hundreds of a large number of gowns available on the market right now. So, naturally, being the crazy people we're, we felt compelled to narrow their email list to our 20 favorite wedding gowns.

Why? Well you, my dears, should be brought to the best of the very best! The crème de la crème! We want you, our wonderful audience, to possess access to probably the most cutting-edge wedding gown designs available on the market.

Now, who're the editors curating their favorite wedding gowns of 2021? Bridal Musings’ Fashion Editor Christina Castello touts many years of experience in weddings & fashion. A bridal stylist herself, Christina writes for all of us & top-tier couture designers. You could say she’s got a strong grip around the bridal trends nowadays. Pair by using being our most fashionable real brides on BM, you’ll love her eye for detail & styling tips.

Then, there’s me, your Bridal Musings Editor-in-Chief. I have a passionate fascination with luxurious fabric, romantic details & architectural design. Having spent over ten years in the wedding industry & attending more bridal runways than I can count, I dream in ivory silk.

Choosing 10 best wedding gowns each, we’ll update this “best wedding gown list” every season to help keep you within the know concerning the very best gowns in bridal, at this time.

Claire Eliza’s Criteria:

For me, it’s always about fabric first. Who uses probably the most luxurious textiles & natural fibers? How does it feel whenever you put the gown on? How does it flow? Who manipulates timeless fabrics into fresh architectural shapes? Give me new textures, new hand-embroidered motifs, new mind-bending silhouettes.

Then, I choose which gowns & designers in it are pushing bridal forward. In my folder of “favorite gowns at this time” you will find nearly 100. Scores of dresses & designers woo me over daily. But if I’m likely to “stan” for just about any gown it will likely be the ones that defy the present trends to create new ones. I greatly admire designers who're clearly operating in their own individual space to produce something new for that brides of now.

My final criteria: would I put it on? I mean honestly, I would be lying if my very own bias didn’t play into “my favorite wedding gowns”. Every gown I’ve chosen I’d pay handsomely to put on one day. I just must find a good reason that the joyously married woman needs another wedding gown.

Christina’s Criteria on her Favorite Wedding Dresses:

I’m finding myself inside a mix of Donna Summer meets Cher diva style obsession. I’m talking concerning the finest fabrics and prints, the greatest slits or lowest plunges, the biggest sleeves, and probably the most detailed, sparkling, structured bodices. This is for that bride who doesn’t have the least bit inclined to impress their mother-in-law.

I was attracted to pieces having fun with fabric diversely, like unexpected frills and volume, shoulder poufs, and cutouts you haven’t seen before. It’s like 80’s bridal returned and said, “I’ll keep your volume, but I’m showing more skin.”

Claire Eliza’s Favorite Wedding Dresses

Claire by A La Robe – Claire, by my own wedding gown designer A La Robe, just is actually named after this writer. I couldn’t become more flattered that this kind of effortless, sexy & luxurious silk gown should bear exactly the same name as I! The best part of the flattery is this fact gown is really me, I would put it on in a heartbeat. Luxurious silk, romantic ruffles & a sexy low-back, I know this gown feels as amazing because it looks.

Shell by Liz Martinez – Something new from luxury bridal designer, Liz Martinez: place the corset around the outside. While this could be the first, prominent gown to feature such design detail on modern bridal runways, I’m positive we’ll be visiting a number of similar corsets this Fall and also the seasons in the future. ‘Head to toe all-over-lace cinched with a corset’ inside a phrase sounds so modest and antiquated. But damn she's sexy. Sheer lace, skin-tight sleeves along with a see-through mock neck. We praise her romantic, provocative & fashion-forward nature.

2.8 Grace Tulle Gown by Harriette Gordon – The perfect marriage of feminine & cutting-edge, Harriette Gordon has designed the fashion-forward gown in our #cottagecore dreams. I love the sweet tiers of tulle about this dress. Yet, the square neckline gifts modern brides permission to possess somewhat of the ‘prairie princess’ dress without feeling old-fashioned.

Dune by Sophie et Voila – A mini that's actually grand enough for the wedding day. I’m not talking “extra look” or “minimony dress, then proper wedding gown later…” This short wedding gown by Sophie et Voila has all of the facets & upscale style of a longer hemline because of a glorious train. Dune begs no need for any “second look”.

The Shadow Gown by Ritual Unions – If you wear this gown for your wedding, call me. We need to be friends. The juxtaposition of princess ballgown-level volume and sheer fabric may be the kind of badass, stick-it-to-the-man design we editors beg for. The bold lines from the bodysuit showing through lavish layers of tulle are deliciously suggestive. I love bridal design that's this unafraid.

We included this gown in black within our favorite black wedding gowns and the most popular statement ballgowns for that fashion-forward bride and I feel no remorse adding this white version to my personal favorite current dresses edit.

Avery by The Law Bridal – We’ve talked about The Law Bridal’s fabric plenty within the past. Creating collections of combine separates, gowns, pants, suits, shawls, belts, coats and much more, designer Megan Lawrence always includes a carefully curated variety of luxurious & eco-friendly fabrics draped in avant-garde silhouettes.

While we shamelessly love from The Law, the 2 feather-light layers of silk chiffon that comprise Avery currently swims through my subconscience. A seemingly simple shirt dress, it’s ready for any bride by having an individual style. Seen here combined with shorts & a belt, we are able to imagine the gown styled in a wide variety of ways – with slips, bodysuits or entirely sheer. Avery proves simple isn’t boring. Simple is sexy, too.

Eileen by Christie Nicole Bridal – Puff sleeves are extremely dominating the bridal runway and we’re 100% aboard. While a lot of designers offer their very own takes around the blousons, it’s Christie Nicole Bridal’s Eileen gown that captures & keeps our attention. The all-over pearl embellishment combined with meticulously placed volume elevates this gown from trendy to high-fashion.

Ruby by Odylyne the Ceremony – Did you read our ‘ode to Princess Diana‘ feature highlighting the revival of 1980s bridal style? Well, pomp & circumstance is “in” again. Only this time around, thankfully flattering. As I shared then, “Yes, we would like volume. Yes, we would like drama. But, we also wish to feel some kind of modern sex appeal and semblance of shape.”

This is exactly what Ruby (and Odylyne’s entire new Ozma collection) provides for us. Voluminous layers of fluttering organza and over-the-top ruffles are balanced having a shoulder-baring top & leg-showing high-low skirt.

Outfit Lynn by Annika Maria – If you’re wondering ‘what’s fresh within the world of bridal’ you’ll have to take a tour of Annika Maria’s entire latest collection. With avant-garde silhouettes & separates made from shorts, overskirts, bold bodices & unique motifs everything about her world is totally original. I love the artsy playfulness of the ‘t-shirt & shorts’ look paired by having an organza overskirt.

Muriel & Madeleine by Yolan Cris – In the past, this type of wrap top, breezy silhouette only existed in resort wear lines for vacation wardrobes. With low-key brides feeling more asked to be their casual selves, I love the idea that the beach bride may find a sexy, skin-baring gown that’s of the greatest couture quality, instead of just on ready-to-wear racks. Better yet, this bridal look is really a set: wrap top, trousers and removable skirt. Hello, big day to honeymoon look.

Christina Castello’s Favorite Wedding Dresses

Simone by Varca Bridal – This look feels as though a sexy tuxedo-turned wedding gown. Victorian-inspired sleeves, sequin bird applique, high neckline, and super-high slit ensure that it stays balanced.

Frida by Immacle Barcelona – This ever imaginative brand balances dainty and bold. Lace fabric with large florals take boho inside a flirty direction, complemented through the prettiest ruffle shoulders.

Mimi by Galia Lahav – This dress IS romance. Galia Lahav never misses a detail, having a corseted bodice and fairytale-like sleeves causeing this to be look heavenly.

Rhiannon Mini by Christie Nicole Bridal – After Claire sent it in my experience over an Instagram DM this dream cloud of the minidress continues to be taking up space during my thoughts. Floral applique, pearls, volume, along with a plunge – it’s an ideal mini wedding gown.

Olive Gown in Grey by Barbara Kavchok Bridal – Painted embroidery, cutouts, and sleeves don this grey dress that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. The bride who wears this really is undeniably unique. And yeah, I think it would look super edgy with boots.

Maren by FeelTimes – This feels as though the coolest method to be glamorous on your big day. A reimagined slip dress, and it’s no real surprise, I love the gauzy sleeves.

Kismet in Blush by Tara Lauren – The moment I locked eyes about this photoshoot I fell deeply in love with this gown. How can a completely beaded ballgown feel so cool? If someone doesn’t got married in this dress reading this article, then I will.

Mimosa by Alena Leena – How nuts is polka dot jacquard? This ballgown look feels so architectural in design and it has a ruffle detail that may be worn on or off the shoulder.

Eve by Grace Loves Lace – We can’t forget that GLL dropped a killer collection during quarantine that made all of us want to help keep our wedding plans and just elope. Eve is timeless and modern, embracing the high-neckline trend we’ve been loving.

Coco by Flora Bridal – I love how this look takes the classic slip dress and provides her dimensional shoulders while showing lots of skin. It’s like Coco already has her very own accessory, just slip on some heels and go.

Wedding dress obsessed? Find all in our bridal fashion round-ups & trend reports within our Fashion section. Or get shopping with the most popular places to buy your wedding gown online.


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