7 Keepsakes To Save From Your Wedding Day (Beyond The Photos)

Often, I tell my wedding photography clients, “From the wedding reception, you keep your spouse, your rings, as well as the wedding photos.” But wouldn’t it is good should you could turn lots of gorgeous wedding-day goods and decor you’ve spent a great deal money and time on into keepsakes that keep going for a lifetime?

I’m so excited about making our personal wedding eco-friendly, and a lot of that effort is a result of less waste. We’ve limited our decor, and general purchases to things we could keep for your long run - making conscience decisions before purchasing: “Can we save this, and may we utilize this again?”

In my quite a long time as a photographer plus my own wedding preparation I’ve found numerous priceless things that will not only wow guests but survive past our special day, perhaps you’ll be inspired to accomplish the same.

Framed Florals Preserved Bouquet

You’ve spent months on Pinterest narrowing around the perfect blooms, hours looking for that perfect florist, lots of money on your dream flowers and they’re gone per day? Tragic. I’ve seen more flowers I choose to consider end up in trash bins before the bride and groom even bid adieu utilizing their venue. Thankfully, Framed Florals will be here not only to rescue your bouquet from that doom, but press and preserve your gorgeous buds inside the most modern, and chic fashion - in handcrafted, custom floating frames.

I’ve already preserved bougainvillea petals within the spot we have engaged in Greece due to Lacie’s incredible talents, and intend to accomplish the same goes with my foraged bouquet.

Altar Pieces

Perhaps you’re a craftsman (similar to this couple!), a family member has generously widdled an altar otherwise you just love the piece that you’ve found - but in the event you’ve got a backyard for your keeping, a distinctive ceremony altar may well be a great structure for that home’s landscape. Imagine sitting using a blanket and cocoa beneath the stars along with your honey beneath the altar you married at, dreamy right?

Ceremonial Rugs

When I was in Morocco last, my elopement couple continued the hunt in Marrakech’s souk for your perfect rug to convey “I do” on and convey back to their Seattle home. Much like keeping your altar, this is often a fabulous commemorative piece for that home that will not be priceless but keep going for a lifetime.

Long-Lasting, Versatile Attire

Aside from my proper wedding dress, every other event gown, footwear, and accessory has thoroughly experienced “will I wear this again?” test. For instance, the Nicholas dress I recently purchased is slated to check out my Bachelorette, our pool party, tacos the evening before our wedding, throughout our honeymoon (you understand, to remind everyone I’m your beloved partner) at dinners and parties for quite a long time to come. I imagine Jack’s eyes illuminating, seeing me in one of my wedding dresses years around the road - they'll win a distinctive, frequented spot within my closet.

Hand-Crafted Ceramic Serveware

While we intend to use eco-friendly, biodegradable bamboo pieces for that plates and flatware, the serveware its our shared dishes will probably be purchased from local artisans in Mexico. Colorful platters and bowls covers us farm table round the wedding-day, and become fabulous dinnerware for future special occasions.

Pretty Cake Plates

Experienced bakers and novices alike know how fun it's to possess pretty cake plates around, and thus what can become more meaningful when compared with one that displayed the wedding cake?

Neon Signage

A recent trend inside the wedding world, custom neon signs seem to be all the rage in hip home design. Pick a phrase and color you’d would rather show off within your house and light up those killer newlywed parties.

Woven Blankets

Always cold? (Both hands raised!) Perhaps a quantity of your guests are incredibly. If you’re spoiled using a destination filled with fabulous textiles, purchase some local woven blankets to keep colder guests cozy late in to the night time. Then, ship them home for quite a long time of cuddling up within your married life.

Looking for further wedding purchases? Shop with the most popular things and visit our planning section for fresh, wedding tips.


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