Why You Need To Be REALLY Careful When Picking Your Maid Of Honor

Deciding on who should be your maid of honor is by no means easy.

There may be several girls in your life who would be ideal. And there may be girls who are hinting that they really want to be asked (but you're not so sure they'd be up to the job.)

Close Relationship

You need somebody who knows you well and with whom you have a close friendship - they can be family or a girlfriend. Think about who wants what's best for you and your wedding day and will be honored to be by your side. (This might not be your girlfriend who's the most fun - really you want somebody steady and reliable.)

An Organizer

On the other hand, you don't want somebody who is so efficient that they are going to organize you too much (and maybe not listen to your ideas). It's a balance - somebody who is going to be like an executive assistant who works and develops your plans!

A Delegator

In turn your chief maid of honor will have to give tasks to other bridesmaids. Deciding who is going to hold the bouquets if your train needs to be carried whilst you walk down the aisle. Who is going to hold your dress when you need to use the bathroom. Who is going to keep an eye on the little flowergirls.


You want somebody you can trust. Somebody who will be there for you, not cancel at the last minute, not turn up hungover and not drink too much at the reception.

Your Choice

It's up to YOU to decide who you want to be your maid of honor. You're probably going to come under a bit of pressure from family and friends to choose somebody in particular. But if you don't think they're right for the job, don't pick them. Choose somebody who feels right for you. Go with your gut instinct on this one.


It's best not to pick somebody you don't know very well or somebody you haven't known long. Make sure you've had a few experiences with them and heart-to-heart chats and that you know them pretty well.

A good maid of honor can add greatly to the success and pleasure of your big day. A bad one ... well, you really don't want to go there. So pick carefully.


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