Tips That Will Help You Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

You don't get a second chance with your wedding photographs. It's a one-time only show. So getting the right individual to capture those precious images for all time is crucial. 

But how can you find the right photographer who's going to get it just right? We've asked around a few recently married brides who have come up with the following tips. 

If you are getting married at a hotel, don't feel pressured to use the in-house photographer. They are usually not the very best so you could end up disappointed.

Check the photographer's website, any blogs they may have, and any social media sites. Check their reviews.

Meet with the photographer in person. This is very important. You need to know that you can establish a rapport and communication with them. It will give you a chance to look at more of their work and see if working with them will be easy. 

Meet with more than one potential photographer, so you can compare styles, prices and packages. 

Make sure each potential photographer has your wedding date available before you commit to them.

Make sure the photographer you meet with will be the same person who will be shooting your wedding.  You don't want a different person turning up on your wedding day who has a completely different style.

When interviewing potential photographers, look to see if they actually can do what you want them to do in terms of style and the overall look of your wedding.

Look at a variety of images from the photographer. When one of my relatives got married, she saw only the photographer's best work and on her wedding day she received less than the best from the photographer she chose.

 Can you afford the photographer you have chosen? Be clear with what you can and cannot afford. Make sure you are clear about what you want and what you will be getting with the wedding budget you have.


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