Classic English Wedding: feeltimes Featured Bride Faye

All it took was one meeting before Faye and Dave were head over heels for each other! The two shared mutual friends who knew they’d be perfect for each other, but a year went by and Faye and Dave were never able to meet. Eventually, their friends were throwing a housewarming and both of them planned to attend. Just before the party, Dave was going to back out and Faye knew that this was their chance to finally connect, so she decided to direct message him. Trying to play it cool she said “So you’re the mysterious Dave? Heard you’re coming to the housewarming party.” Breaking the ice gave them the chance to talk and laugh together—and once they finally met in person Faye knew that this “mystery man” was actually the man of her dreams!

From the start of their relationship, the couple knew that it would be forever to the point where they began planning their wedding before they were even engaged! Unfortunately, Dave ended up experiencing medical issues before he could propose. Even though he could barely walk, Dave was determined to get down on one knee and properly ask Faye to marry him. After a long journey, Dave was healed and ready to do his proposal right! On New Year’s Day—shortly before their wedding—Dave finally proposed during a romantic picnic. Under a dusky orange sky, surrounded by beautiful deer Dave was able to get down on one knee and ask Faye to spend forever with him!

When Faye decided to go wedding dress shopping, she went the untraditional route. Wanting to be totally in control of her choice, she decided to go alone. Initially, Faye had envisioned herself in a form-fitting mermaid, but when she tried on that style it just didn’t feel right. Searching through the racks she came across our Paladia gown and was instantly taken. Knowing this was the princess dress of her dreams, she couldn’t resist trying it on! As soon as she had it on she felt absolutely amazing! She loved how the sparkles shone brightly against the sheer, nude fabric and that it felt so comfortable on. Faye knew this was her dress, and when she showed pictures of her in it to her family, they couldn’t agree more!

Faye stunned in our Paladia gown, an A-line ball gown full of mesmerizing details! The sheer, bateau bodice is covered in dazzling diamante and crystal beaded, crystallized embroidery, for an absolutely exquisite look. The full skirt is enhanced with sparkle tulle for that extra bridal glow. The showstopper is the gorgeous, open key-hole back—surrounded by exquisite embroidery—so that none of your guests will forget your walk down the aisle!


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